Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

When people have been injured or have lost a loved one in an accident, they are very vulnerable and need guidance and advice when making decisions.  Aside from the emotional aspect of the injury, the practical aspect of the loss needs to be dealt with.  How will the medical bills get paid?  How will the lost earnings be replaced?  Am I getting the best possible medical treatment?  Why is the responsible person or company denying their responsibility?  Is the insurance company taking advantage of me?  Despite the best of intentions, family and friends simply cannot offer the legal advice the injured person needs.  Only a lawyer can, and specifically a lawyer that has significant experience in this area of law.


I have practiced in this area of law for many years.  For a number of years before representing injured clients, I was the Major Case Senior Trial Attorney for one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States, handling cases in Los Angeles and surrounding counties.  I have handled over 1000 perosnal injury cases in the California courts.  Those cases involved wrongful deaths and various serious injuries such as brain injuries, paralysis, burns, amputations, spine injuries, vegatative comas, high elevation falls, crush injuries and impaired immune system injuries. 


I know the ins and outs of personal injury law.  I know how insurance companies work and how they think.  I do not let them get away with short-changing my clients, or dragging out the case to wear my client down.  I aggressively pursue my client's case and the insurance companies and their lawyers know me and know that unless my client is treated fairly they have an expensive fight on their hands.  We are in an extremely challenging claims climate and now more than ever it is important to be represented by an experienced lawyer known in the industry.   



My services in this area

  • Free consultation regarding your case and the challenges facing you.
  • Aggressive representation in pursuing your claim and if necessary your lawsuit.
  • Assistance in ensuring that you are receiving the correct medical care and benefits to which you are entitled.



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